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The lovely church building that houses Grace and Hammer was completed in 1912 and declared an historic site in 1976. It has housed congregations, classes, a dance studio, weddings, events, and now our pizzeria! With the help of locals who became friends and friends that became locals, Chad’s concepts for reusing and modernizing the old building while maintaining its historic shape and feel was realized. The incredible people that came to Redmond from Austin were instrumental in helping create the menu, the cocktails, and the atmosphere at Grace and Hammer.

Listen for the bell on Friday evenings calling you to dinner.


The name Grace and Hammer is our representation of the best way to get through life and be a part of your community. Work with grace, kindness, openness; but be prepared to use a hammer when you must, to stand strong for your beliefs, to support those in need, to be heard. Grace and Hammer also happens to be the building. We took a graceful, old church building and added some steel and glass. We married the graceful and the strong to create a new place for our community and its friends to enjoy.

key players
Adam Web.jpeg
adam valentine

preacher of pizza

Adam is a Texas native. He joined the company in 2015 and later came to Redmond looking for new challenges. He is pleased to serve his now home in Redmond and preach the word of our offerings to all those in need of a piece of the pie. 

Chad & cinnamon Nemec

Chad and Cinnamon moved to Austin, TX in 1995. Their first restaurant experience began in 2011 and became a great success after being bought out in 2017 they brought their family to Central Oregon for a vacation and came across the beautiful church that now houses Grace and Hammer. Chad and Cinnamon believe helping others and community are principal elements to a healthy life and are glad to build in this community.

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